Collaborative Teaching & Learning

Education Programs


At St Edward’s School we are proud of the holistic education offered where every child has the opportunity to develop their full potential.

The children at St Edward’s School follow the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) Curriculum. The curriculum covers a broad range of learning areas known as the Key Learning Areas or KLA’s.

The Key Learning Areas are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • History & Geography
  • Creative Arts
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.

As a Catholic School we also add another subject to our Key Learning Areas – Religious Education. Religious Education at St Edward’s follows the Celebrating our Journey syllabus.


School Sport

Sports Days are Wednesday and Friday where all children are expected to wear the correct sports uniform.

Sport teams are:

  • Kennedy – Green
  • Therry – Blue
  • MacKillop – Gold
  • Chisholm – Red

Children have the opportunity to take part in:

  • School carnivals
  • Diocesan carnivals
  • Polding carnivals
  • State PSSA
  • School Sport Australia Championships (in some sports only).

Sports will include swimming, summer trials (cricket for boys, softball for girls, tennis, and basketball), winter trials (rugby league, soccer, netball, hockey, and rugby union), touch football, cross country and athletics. Swimming, cross country and athletics will cater for all children from ages 8 to 13, while the team games will apply only for the older children (Year 6 and outstanding Year 5 students).

Weekend sports are organised through community/school based clubs:
cricket, netball, basketball, miniball, flipper ball, soccer, t-ball, touch, oz tag, hockey (Cavaliers), rugby league (Collegians) and rugby union.

Cultural Activities

At St Edward’s School students participate in curriculum based music and drama classes, focusing on performing (singing, playing, moving) and organising sound and listening. Each year individual children, classes and grades are involved in the Tamworth Eisteddfod.

At St Edward’s School we also offer individual tuition in piano, guitar and choir by qualified music teachers.


From Kindergarten to Year 6, all children at St Edward’s have the opportunity to experience a diverse range of excursion opportunities throughout the year. All excursions are organised to enhance teaching and learning and bring the curriculum alive for children. The following are examples of excursions at St Edward’s:

  • Day trip to Tamworth local Landmarks and exhibitions based on History and Geography units of Work
  • Day trips to concerts and performances
  • Three day trip to Lake Keepit Sport and Recreation Camp
  • 4 day tour exploring Canberra