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Parish Priest’s Message

I would like to thank you for choosing to send your child/children to St Edward’s School. I am sure that you agree that St Edward’s is an excellent choice for your children to be educated; not only in secular subjects but also the Catholic faith which is why Catholic Schools exist at all.

St Edward’s School is staffed by a very dedicated and committed staff of which I have nothing but praise. Their hard work for the children in their care is much to be admired as I am sure you will attest. It is not always easy to be a teacher in today’s society and so your appreciation of their dedication to your children I am sure would be most welcome as you see them from time to time. We live in a society which is so preoccupied with itself that we sometimes forget about the responsibility to instil in our children the necessity to think of others before they think of themselves. This Christian virtue should be taught and lived in our families as the love of God and love of neighbour is the command of Christ not only as a spiritual value but also makes us into a balanced and mature human being. It is not love to make our children the centre of everything and give them whatever they desire. We all sometimes lose our objectivity especially with those we love.

Wishing you and your families every blessing.

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Fr Paul