Arley Black

Lasting friendships and firm foundations

The internet will tell you that Arley Black is both a talented singer-songwriter born in Tamworth, and that she is currently the Director of Media for the Federal Minister for Communications, the Hon Michelle Rowland MP. But Arley has tried a few other things too, including work as a sport and recreation instructor, and even an internship at Walt Disney World in Florida USA!

With such a diverse resume, it’s no surprise that Arley’s list of achievements is just as diverse. But her highlight may come as a surprise to those who don’t know her story.

“My greatest achievement is actually living this long!” says Arley.

“In 2016, I was diagnosed with a series of diseases that led to my right lung being removed in 2020. The surgery was long and the recovery was longer, but I am so incredibly grateful that I’m still around,” Arley says.

Outside of that, Arley is low key about her other highlights, which include touring with the likes of Daryl Braithwaite, Thirsty Merc and The Angels, and being appointed as National Media Adviser for the Australian Labor Party for the 2022 election – only the third time that a party has won Government from Opposition since World War Two.

Arley says every one of her teachers at St Edward’s left a lasting impression on her life, but a standout may be Miss Cronin, who Arley and others always thought was ‘the coolest teacher’.

“I remember thinking I wanted to be someone she would be friends with when I grew up. Sadly, I’ve never reached out, although I do still think we’d be great friends!” says Arley.

While she may be a long way (and a long time) since St Ed’s, Arley still says the memory that takes the cake is meeting her lifelong best friend Leticia Booby in Mrs Lockwood’s kindergarten class.

“Leticia and I were seated next to each other because our names were next to each other on the class roll, and our friendship is still just as close 24 years later. Thank you, Mrs Lockwood, and thank you St Ed’s!”