Bec Marshall

A few of Bec’s favourite things

When given the opportunity, St Edward’s Primary alumni Bec Marshall is keen to share ‘a few of her favourite things’. 

“My favourite memory by far would be the school fete we used to have every year,” says Bec.

“I remember one year they used the drainage system on the upper quad as a ninja turtle tunnel, and another year they filled up a large truck with foam that you could jump into to find a prize. I still have stickers that are probably almost 30 years old now that came in the fete show bags.”

Bec also fondly remembers playing “around the room” with infants’ teacher Mr McIlveen, a game where the teacher stood in the middle of the classroom and threw a tennis ball at the students. If you caught it you stayed in, if you dropped it you sat down. Bec claims she became a master of catching balls thanks to Mr McIlveen – hand eye coordination that we are sure has come in handy in her chosen career as a dually qualified Radiographer and Sonographer. 

Bec also ran her own cake decorating business for some time, and while she remembers this as a highlight, Bec doesn’t hesitate when asked about her proudest achievements.

“My daughter, who is now 20 and working as a skin and laser therapist in the Sunshine Coast, is definitely my proudest achievement,” says Bec. 

“But my green grass is up there too,” Bec jokes.

We think Bec’s tenacity and determination are two of her finest qualities. Bec did not complete her HSC, but most definitely did not let that deter her, and went on to achieve two university degrees. She is a true example of how, if you set your mind to something, you can make it happen! Congratulations Bec, and thanks for sharing your story with us.