Mel Vine

The journey was sprinkled with unforgettable moments

Reflecting on her seven years at St Edward’s Primary School, Mel fondly recalls an array of cherished memories that have shaped her journey. From engaging piano lessons to lifelong friendships that endure to this day, her time at St Ed’s was truly sprinkled with unforgettable moments. Notably, Mel remembers winning the Harry Butler Nature Lovers award for her love of the weird and wacky, and the honor of ringing the school bell for lunch, a heavy gold handheld bell from a bygone era.

One standout experience was the memorable Year 5 trip to Old Sydney Town, which still holds a special place in her heart. Mel’s vibrant years at St Ed’s were characterised by active participation in sports, swimming, and church activities, including being one of the first girl altar servers and a Saturday Mass organist, fostering a deep connection with her school community.

She is flooded with cherished memories, each teacher left an indelible mark, with chance encounters evolving into warm chats in local shops. Among them, Mrs Geraldine Chapman stands out for her inspiring presence and dedication. The bond formed during grades two, five, and six was so strong that Mrs Chapman later delivered the readings at Mel’s wedding, a testament to the enduring impact of an exceptional educator.

Pride swells in Mel as she reflects on her accomplishments, from singing at the 2000 Pan Pacific School Games and Sydney Olympics to achieving honors in eighth-grade piano. Passing on her knowledge and passion for the piano through teaching at St Ed’s briefly was a meaningful experience, but her most profound achievements are her children: Xavier, Fletcher, Gabrielle, and Luke. Mel remains actively involved at the school, participating in reading groups, learning walks, and serving as an active member of the P & F association. Her dedication to nurturing relationships and fostering a vibrant, connected school community was recognised with the 2022 Grant Lee Volunteer Award, a testament to her commitment from the inception of her children’s educational journey.

After graduation, Mel’s pursuit of veterinary science took a detour into veterinary nursing and horse breeding. Her days at Cody Morgan Racing are filled with diverse challenges, while her pursuit of certificates in bookkeeping and a Diploma in Equine Business Management adds depth to her fulfilling journey. Managing a thoroughbred breeding stud adds a layer of passion to her career.